Flagship Inschool Ballroom Residency

The Ballroom residency is an in-school, standards-based social and emotional learning program that cultivates essential life skills in fifth and eighth grade students through the practice and performance of ballroom dance. Our core values of inclusion, respect, compassion, humor, and joy transform our “ballroom” into a safe space where all students can succeed.

Residency Details
  • Classes take place twice a week for 10 weeks
  • All fifth or eighth grade students and classroom teachers are required to participate
  • Students learn merengue, foxtrot, rumba, tango, swing, and waltz and selected “sugar” dances – such as the cha cha slide and stomp
  • Curriculum connection assignments support academic development and allow time for student reflection
  • Each residency includes a video lesson and a guest artist “buddy” visit. Click here for an inside look at a buddy visit!
  • All residencies conclude with a Culminating Event. School communities come together to celebrate the social development of the students, as well as to enjoy an elegant dance performance!
  • Selected students are given the opportunity to represent their school at the optional Colors of the Rainbow Team Match events
  • Residencies are led by Teaching Artists specially trained in the Dulaine Method and the Dancing Classroom Curriculum
Residency Options
  • Gender Neutral: Schools can choose to have dance roles arranged by random, instead of by gender identity
  • To create a space of welcoming and belonging, we are able to adapt and adjust for different learners and movers. Some of the ways we do this include: allowing movement to be executed from a seated position, classes can be instructed without the switching of dance partners, tempos can be slowed down, etc.
  • Virtual options are available 


Enroll Your School
To request a program application and enroll your school, please contact us at info@dancingclassroomsphilly.org.