The High Note Society represents DCP’s most dedicated circle of friends. High Note High Step Society members pledge to support DCP with a gift of $1,000 or more per year for five or more years. They provide an essential financial foundation that allows us to focus our work on those students, schools, and communities with the greatest need.

High Note High Step Society members receive special acknowledgment at DCP events and build a closer connection to the students we serve.  We deeply appreciate the commitment of our High Note Society members.

If you would like to join the High Note High Step Society, please make your first gift here.

These dedicated friends joined the High Note High Step Society (with our partner Musicopia) by generously pledging $1,000 or more per year for five years to support DCP and Musicopia.

Anonymous (3)

Kelley Arredondo

Susan Bernini and Denise Kinney

Catherine and Jonathan Broh

Joyce and Ron Burd

Brian and Dawn Camfield

James Cauley

Catherine Charlton

Arthur Chiu

Margery Covello and Paul Marone

Steve and Cathei Davis

David and Larissa DiStefano

Robbie and Steve Eisenberg

Jake Elich

Tamsin and Scott Fast

Welthie and Walter Fitzgerald

Razelle and William Frankl

Karen and Jeffrey Freedman

Danielle Kalish

Sara Kimmel

Virginia Kimmel

Lynne Kornblatt

Carole and Lou Lauzar

Ebony Lee

William A. Loeb

Kate Lombardi

Lynne Millard

Frank Murphy and MaryAnne Domico

Barb Murray

Zoe Pappas

Charles Shupe

Beth Randall

Christine Frost Red and Michael Wax

Douglas Umbehauer, Jr.

Douglas Umbehauer, Sr.

Lauren and Alex Vaccaro

Gui and Katryn Valladares

Tom Valvano

Len Weiser and Dave Bronstein

Staci Wilhelm and Derek Loranca

Dennis and Donna Woody

Bill and Linda Zarrilli