K-pop is a popular genre of music, and accompanying dance choreography, originating from South Korea. K-pop has many influences, such as electronic dance, jazz, and rock. Contemporary K-pop groups revolutionized the Korean music and dance scenes by incorporating rap and American hip-hop conventions into their music and dance moves.


Program Options:

Residency (in-school)
  • Classes take place once a week (10 weeks) OR twice a week (5 weeks)
  • For kindergarten through twelfth grade students
  • Residency ends with a dance party in the classroom to celebrate student learning and experiences!
  • All students in the enrolled grade and classroom teachers are asked to participate
Assembly (in-school)
  • 45 minutes, interactive assemblies for grade bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, High School
  • Great addition to your student rewards/incentives programs
  • Please note that our assembly programs are akin to a dance workshop where students are up and dancing (and not a performance to sit and watch)
  • Virtual options available
Intergenerational Community Workshops
  • For your school or neighborhood communities
  • Available all year round
  • Virtual options available
Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Programs
  • For kindergarten through twelfth grade students
  • Schedule based on your need


Enroll Your School or Community Group
To request a program application and enroll your school or community group, please contact us at info@dancingclassroomsphilly.org. 

To create a space of welcoming and belonging, we are able to adapt and adjust our approach for different learners and movers. Some of the ways we do this include: allowing movement to be executed from a seated position, classes can be instructed without the switching of dance partners, tempos can be slowed down, etc.