Our Impact & Milestones

Giving students the confidence, connection and community to take the lead in their lives— inspiring their success today and tomorrow


Dancing Classrooms Philly is proud to partner with schools, community members, and elegant young people across the Greater Philadelphia region to make our curriculum a success. Academic research and program evaluations demonstrate the following impact:

  • Dancing Classrooms Philly substantially advances and improves a range of behavioral skills that are proven to provide long-term benefits to health and well-being including decision-making, goal-setting, communication, relationship building, confidence, attachment and motivation, civility and respect, self-esteem, teaming skills, focus, self-control, determination, and joy in the children.
  • Adult modeling and direct student experience gives students the opportunity to be treated, and to treat others, as “capable and mature ladies and gentlemen.”
  • Students enjoy the individual and group experience of these various skills and emotions while achieving basic mastery in a new field.
  • Students transform their relationships with the adults in their lives, in whom the students generate pride and affection as they blossom and grow.


  • Since 2007, we have worked with more than 25,000 fifth and eighth grade students in public, charter, special needs, and parochial schools across the Delaware Valley. In the 2017-2018 school year we served over 3,300 students in 126 classrooms.
  • In our founding year, we served 50 classrooms – more than any other pilot program in the country at that time.
  • In 2008-09, we created the Saturday Scholarship Program (renamed the Dancing Classrooms Philly Academy in 2015) to expand our reach and offer more specialized dance lessons over a 10-week Saturday course at three locations. In the 2017-18 school year, 96 students from grades 5-9 participated in the Academy. Soon after, the DCP Allstars were formed for those who excelled and wished to go even further in their dance studies. Ensemble membership is by audition, and is comprised of seventh to twelfth grade students from around the region who have found an inspiring and transformative passion in ballroom dance.
  • In 2013, we expanded our programming to reach not only fifth grade students, but also eighth grade students and students in special needs schools.
  • In 2017 DCP celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Click here to read reflections from the DCP family and click here to read a feature piece in The Dance Journal.


“When we first started dancing, I felt excited and nervous. Dancing was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. When I walk into dance class, I get happy. I feel that dancing could help improve our confidence. I feel it could change our future.”St. Cecilia Fifth Grade Gentleman

“I believe the program fits the fifth grade to a tee. It is developmentally appropriate and creates an environment of confidence and creativity. I loved this program. It is fabulous!” – Ms. Kurland, Penn Alexander Teacher

“I love Dancing Classrooms Philly! The artists are amazing. They work with our children and help them to learn not just to dance, but so much more!  I never thought my son Nate could dance like this.  When I see Nate dance, it makes me smile.  He works hard to learn the steps and he moves with ease.  Learning to ballroom dance helps you in many ways, coordination, math skills, poise, grace and self-esteem.  The students have to work together as a team so it also teaches team building as well. I would recommend this program to any school.  Nate is my second son to go through the program.  I have a younger son, Christian who will participate next year and I am so excited for him!” – Ms. Fischer, Parent

“What an outstanding program for our students with special needs!  It was educational in that it requires focus, the following of directions and the completion of a specific movement.  At the same time, it was so enjoyable that our students’ faces lit up whenever they participated in Dancing Classrooms Philly!! Thank you!” – Sr. Judith Moeller, Our Lady of Confidence Principal