Virtual Residencies

“Hostos is very excited to participate in the Virtual program! We love seeing the growth of our students during the program each year. Many of them begin a bit apprehensive and end the program with so much joy and confidence in dancing. Our students continue to talk about and utilize the skills they learned in years to follow. Although this year looks different, we can’t wait to watch our group of 5th graders grow and learn, building their confidence each week of the program!”

— Mrs. McBride, K-8 Hostos Health and Physical Education Teacher  

Virtual Homeroom Edition Residencies are now available online to students in grades 3 and up at public, charter, and private schools throughout the region, as well as after school organizations, camps, and community groups!

Through a series of pre-recorded and live lessons students will learn six American, Latin and European social dances and a variety of line dances. These accessible dances allow all students to be successful regardless of experience or skill level, while participating in much-needed physical activity. The unique Homeroom Edition residencies stay true to Dancing Classrooms’ pedagogical approach by stressing the importance of social and emotional well-being and providing students a vital and enjoyable opportunity to connect with each other, their families, and world cultures through social dance.

Dancing Classroom’s Homeroom Edition program accommodates the complexities and potential inequities of remote learning through:

  • Prerecorded instructional videos and additional video support sessions for special needs and English Language Learners (Lessons can also be delivered live via videoconference)
  • Flexible follow-up dance and curricular connection assignments (e.g. writing prompts, research activities, etc.) that can be delivered via Google Classrooms or other remote learning platforms. Students receive real-time feedback from Teaching Artists on each assignment
  • Live check-ins from Teaching Artists to reflect on and support student learning
  • Virtual peer-to-peer sharing celebrations
  • A live family-friendly dance party
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The Benefits of Homeroom Edition include:

  • Student-to-student connection and collaboration with peers fosters critical life skills
  • Social dance instruction requires no previous experience and provides proven physical, emotional, and mental health benefits after months of isolation
  • Exposure to different dance forms enhances appreciation of other cultures, a more expansive world view
  • Accessible dances allow all students to be successful regardless of experience or skill level
  • Tested program is modular and flexible offering a mix of pre-recorded and live online lessons adaptable to any school or organization’s curriculum or schedule
  • Taught by teaching artists from diverse backgrounds who are dance professionals with years of educational experience
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